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As part of a special program, WebCourse is being made available, at no cost, to a limited number of Pennsylvania high schools and middle schools starting January 2012. If your school is interested in setting up an account, please contact us at

WebCourse has several built-in features that were developed specifically for high school students and teachers. We look forward to working with you.

West Chester University

As of 12:30pm today (Monday, March 5) the WebCourse site is back up. It was down this morning. The exam is still being held tomorrow!!

Evidently, the hosting service picked last night to migrate the website to a new server, but they got it up and running.
Welcome to WebCourse! The very first web-based college course offered in Pennsylvania used WebCourse software. Since 1995 we have been working to develop online courses for our students. For more than a decade, students have found WebCourse to be easy to use with quick reports and immediate feedback! And teachers have found WebCourse to be an incredibly easy yet powerful online teaching & learning management system.

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West Chester University: Anderson Hall
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